"Coming up on a year later for me, still sober as well! Thanks for adding tools to work on my sobriety. I'll swing by sometime and say hi. Happy Valentines Day!"


Every morning when I walk into work and my boss asks how I’m doing, I respond with a, ‘Still sober and smoke free.’ I just wanted to give you guys an update of how I’m doing. I’m working on my 4th month of sobriety and loving life! I feel so alive; I feel so healthy. I’m still very much determined to stay sober and help other people with alcohol problems. I will email you pictures of the day I graduated program. I am also still interested in coming back to be a guest speaker. Just let me know when you’d like for me to come, I’ll be there in a heartbeat! Thanks again and again for helping me succeed with my sobriety. =)

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